Hi! My name is Rocky!

I’ve only just turned the big 1! I love cuddles and push to spend any time I can by my humans side, whether it’s under the blankets with you at night or on your lap while you work. I love being held so I can cuddle on your chest or in your arms so I can be kissed on my head. My foster mum says I shocked her with my personality but I’m just being myself! I also love to play like the kitten I still am! I love playing with small bouncy balls and string! Or bouncy balls on string! My favourite thing to do is play with other cats, especially my little sister Molly. I’m very cat friendly but dogs are ew! I can be independent if I have a cat friend, otherwise I don’t like being left alone. I like to chat a little bit and always let you know if I’m in a happy mood. I’m also very food motivated and leaving food unsupervised is a very bad idea! I’ll always say sorry after I’ve eaten the food I swear! I’m looking for a forever home that will give me lots of cuddles and love me even when I steal your cheese.

Rocky is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment.


Hi my name is Sarah!
I am a beautiful tabby girl. I am a sweet natured girl but with a big personality.
I love to go crazy with my sibling and other fosters, but if you find my sweet spot I will be yours.
I love me a great head massage I will return the favour with my famous paw massage.
I am raised in a house with children and other cats and dogs.
I’m chilled when it comes to children and other cats.

Sarah is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment.


Hi my name is Sebastian!
I am a tabby and white boy and I have a heart of gold.
I’m an old soul.
I love to sit back and watch my sisters go crazy because I am out numbered.
I love laser pointers and toys on string.
I came into care with my 3 sisters at 7wks old. I am lucky enough to have met a few more fosters and love them like my own siblings. I have been raised in a family home with other cats and dogs, also children

Sebastian is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatments.


Hi! My name is Molly and I just turned 7 months old! I’m still only small and I still run around at lightning speed and play with anything that moves. My big brother Rocky has a hard time keeping up with me and my foster sisters barely know what to do with me sometimes, but I always make people laugh with my antics. I love hiding and jumping out when you least expect it. I may be very shy at first but once I warm up to you I can be very cuddly on your lap or under the covers with you but be warned! Moving your feet will make me attack them!

I love food and often my foster mum will find my head in the sink licking the spoons which makes her laugh for some reason. Maybe it’s because I have a habit of getting food on my face. I’m a goofball that loves to play and loves to make you smile. I’m friendly with other cats and would prefer if I had a sibling. On my own I would need some toys to keep me entertained. I’m looking for a forever home that loves to laugh and play and will let me eat out of the sink!

Molly is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment.


Hi, I’m Albert! I’m the only boy in my family.

So, I’ve got to be the tough one.

Foster mumma tells me I’m a big and handsome man.

I’m full of mischief and love to play.

I’ve recently found it quite amusing watching my sisters with those plastic cones on their heads...didn’t stop me from bugging them though!

So if you are looking for a ginger ninja...I’m your man!

Get in touch real soon....I can’t wait to get me a family 😊

Albert is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment.


Hi I’m Florence! I’m a real sweet love bug!

I cannot get enough of the other fur family in my foster home.

I happily follow the dogs everywhere and I even managed to win over the cat who lives here....and she’s super weird haha.

I’m certainly the bravest of my sisters!

Call my people, let’s have a get together real soon!


Hi, I’m Beatrice! I’m the shy one of the family.

I do like a cuddle, but I’m still a bit worried about sitting on a people.

Pretty sure once I’m adopted, I will come out of my shell though.

I’ve been told I’m very is true, I’ve seen it for myself.

So if you have the patience....I have the looks!

We could be a good combo 😊

Call my servant and we can see whether we click!


Hi I’m Nora! I love to cuddle, I’m a very good lap warmer.

Being the little sister, I’ve found out how to get your’s in the eyes.

I love my foster dog friends too, they are pretty cool.

Climbing and playing are my favourite things, you will find me perched up high.

Why not call my servant and tee up a meeting!

See you soon!


Hi my name is Helen, I am an American Staffordshire X, I have been with my foster carers for 6 weeks and I am ready to find my forever home.

I’ve been enjoying running around the couple of acres where I live, I was a bit scared to take a walk outside the property when I arrived but now I’m happily going for walks up and down the street on my leash and not so scared of the outside world. I’ve endured thunderstorms and chewed some things, but I am learning every day and my new owner would be able to take me to another level with continued training. I come when called 50% of the time, and sit when asked to sit about the same. I have lived with 6 chickens since I got here, and there are still 6 today! I haven’t paid them much attention to be honest. I’ve met the neighbour's dog and I didn’t do much barking or carrying on, I was a bit timid then a bit exited then I weed myself and we all had a nice run around the paddock sniffing for rabbits.

I’ve had many (supervised) cuddles and pats with a 5 year old boy, but I haven’t nipped or bitten, despite the 5 year old boy being a little rough and playful at times and invading my personal space. I’m looking forward to attending a few more Pup school sessions while some applications come through from my potential forever families.



Hi, my name is Snoopy and I am a little cutie just looking for love. I would be best suited to someone who is home often and can spend time with me or has other pets I can play with. I love walks and adventures and have a tendency to escape to do so.

My favourite things are being loved, cuddles, food and walks. I hope I can find my forever home soon.

Snoopy was brought up in a loving home with another dog. Her owner was sadly tripping over the dogs and needed to surrender them to GAR. She has lived fine with other dogs, however has not been among other pets to my knowledge.

She walks nicely on the lead and loves to stop and smell the trees and plants along the way. She would love walks every day and is content for the night afterwards.

Snoopy understands basic commands such as sit and stay. She gets very excited when I come home from work and jumps to say hi, once I say stop, she is pretty responsive.

Her foster carer would love to keep her however her backyard is not quite suitable as she has been getting out and does not have the time necessary to keep her entertained.