Addie ~ 16 week old female Kelpie puppy ~ $400

Addie and her litter-mates were dumped at a rural pound, and had only hours to live before they were saved by the GAR family. But their journey didn’t end there. These pups were not well, and just how unwell they were was not to be discovered until they arrived in Geelong. Within days the pups were on deaths door yet again, suffering from a terrible case of the life-threatening Parvo Virus.

GAR moved heaven and earth to get these pups well again, and they received around the clock care at the animal hospital, which resulted in an enormous vet bill. The pups fighting kelpie spirit prevailed and they slowly regained their strength and were able to come home.

Addie has been living in foster care with 2 of her litter-mates; both boys.
They play fight as puppies do, and get up to mischief together.
The two boys do seem to gang up on Addie a bit as she is so placid and kind natured.

I think Addie would cope well as an only dog if she was allowed inside, and had a large backyard to play in and lots of toys and bones to keep her occupied.
She would also do well with a calm and well-behaved canine sibling.
She is definitely the kind of dog that would love to go to work with you every day, so would make a great tradie’s dog.

When the pups are separated, for example when walked individually or spending time on their own inside away from the other two, they are so well behaved. Completely different dogs. They are calm and obedient.
When all together, the excite each other and become harder to manage.

Addie is very keen to please. She listens well and will sit without command now at meal times. When on her own she will sit and wait for her food, but struggles to resist when the other 2 are around and they all dive in.

The pups were confined to the backyard because of the infectious period of the Parvo Virus, and because of boredom (understandably), they have participated a bit of chewing and digging. I think this habit will lessen once they are out in the big wide world and getting more stimulation. Addie is by far the least mischievous of all the pups, and tends to be lead astray by her brothers.

A very secure fence and gate that can’t be dug under will be vital.

Addie will really benefit from ongoing training as she is so clever and eager to please.

Addie has just started learning to walk on the lead and is doing great after a slow start. She will walk along side me without pulling, and is completely non-reactive to people, cars, dogs and cats. Occasionally she needs to be reminded to keep walking.

Addie is honestly the sweetest, friendliest, most loving and affectionate dog, with the most wonderful personality. She’s like a little baby.
She loves to sit on your lap and adores cuddles and pats.
She is the most gentle of all the puppies.

Addie has lived with a 5 year old human sibling the whole time she has been in care and is brilliant with her. She never tries to bite, even when playing.
She does jump up a bit in excitement, but corrects well.
My daughter just adores her, and she loves to hold her by her front paws and they walk around together like that. Addie completely tolerates it.
I would suggest no children under 5, (unless very dog savvy), and only because of her size and strength, but she is extremely gentle and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I think she is the perfect dog to be around children.

Addie has a sensitive tummy due to the Parvo which should improve with time. She is currently on a prescription food and doing well on this.

Addie and the other pups have natural immunity from Parvo, and have been vaccinated as well. There is a very minor chance that they could still be shedding the virus, for anything between 29-180 days, although both our vet partners in Geelong have cleared them as being good to go out in public now. There is of course some onus on other people to vaccinate their own puppies and dogs for protection, but to be on the safe side you could refrain from socializing Addie with any known unvaccinated dogs, puppies, or immune compromised dogs until the entire possible shedding period has be reached.

Addie and her siblings have literally been to hell and back, and deserve nothing less than the best, and I know she will bring much love and joy to anyone who is lucky enough to adopt her. We will really miss her.

GAR would also like to once again take the opportunity to thank our loyal supporters that dug deep with love, support and donations, to help us with the enormous cost and task of saving these pups lives. Addie and her siblings will be forever grateful, as are we.

Here’s to finding your happily ever after Addie, we wish you so much love and happiness in your new home.

Addie has been desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip: 900164001605340

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