Albie ~ 8 Mth Old Male Bull Arab X ~ $400

 Hi, I’m Albert, but my friends call me Albie! I’m an 8 month old, white Bull Arab babe.

 A few months ago I was on death row in the pound, but now I’m rescued and living it up in foster care until my forever family comes along. A couple of weeks after I was rescued, the Vets think I partially tore my ACL playing with my Foster Bro (I was still getting the hang of these long legs). I’ve been having treatment on my knee to strengthen it and now I’m back to normal activities and have had no issues at all during my recovery. My new family should know that the vet said there is a chance this injury could reoccur. The vet thinks I’m worth the chance though, and so do Ma and Pa! I’m best suited to a home with a smaller dog who won’t jump on me too much (putting my knee at risk) or being your one and only family dog. I’m allowed to (and love to) play with other dogs, but it’s best if it’s supervised so we don’t go too silly jumping around. Not because I’m not friendly, but just to ensure my knee never gives me problems again!

 I don’t want to brag, but I’m very clever. I’ve learnt my foster Ma and Pa’s rules real fast. I sit on my bed like a good boy when I’m told. I walk well on the lead (I get a bit of a prance going at the start, but calm down quickly). I come back when you call my name. I sit still for Ma to put my sunscreen on in the morning, my handsome pink face needs protection and I’m a sun smart pup! I sit and wait for you to say, ok! before I eat my food. I like to shake hands too, because I’m a real gentleman like that.

 I’m food focused, so I can easily be taught new tricks using treats. I’m still working on taking things gently from your hand, but I’m definitely improving. I just get so excited for treats!!! I need my new family to be firm with me. I’m smart enough to know if you look like you will let me get away with things, so I’ll push the boundaries if I think you’ll allow it. My Foster Ma and Pa give me firm rules at home, so I’m normally on my best behaviour. I sometimes dig small holes on the edge of the grassed area. Ma and Pa think I’m looking for bugs. I love squeaky toys, and toys that are puzzles (like a Kong, or Wobble Kong). I happily play with those in the yard on my own. I’ve been responsible for the death of a bed or two in my time, so I’m only allowed to have blankets in my kennel now. Sometimes I drag them out into the sun and sit on them. My foster Ma bought me a special ‘Inside Bed’ and I have never tried to chew it. I will sleep in it like a good boy all night if you let me sleep inside, but I’m comfortable sleeping in the kennel too. I’m pretty quiet. I don’t generally bark much, just occasionally if a car pulls up in the driveway and I can’t see who it is, but if you tell me it’s you, I stop right away!

 I’m a friendly dude, I haven’t met a dog I don’t want to play with yet. Sometimes my puppy energy and playfulness is a bit too much for some dogs, not my foster Bro though, he lets me play tug of war for ages! I lived with a cat for a few weeks while my Ma and Pa were on holidays and I liked him. I didn’t try to chase him or hurt him. I’m very gentle with my human cousins, I don’t jump on them or get rough with them. I do get a bit jumpy when I’m excited to see big humans. I know the difference. I love to be with my humans. I sit on my bed with Pa if he is working in the shed, and I don’t try and walk away or get out, I just like being close to him. If he is sitting, I like to rest my head on his arm or shoulder. I’m really experienced at going out for coffees with Ma, and I sit under her chair. I know if I’m good, I’ll get a treat before we go home. I’m a good boy in the car, I usually just go to sleep or stare out the window watching people. I’m a super duper really amazing snuggler, so my new family simply must love cuddles!! In addition to all of the above, there is also my model good looks – I’m sure if you meet me, you will love me lots and lots.

 Love Albie.

 Albie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

 M/Chip #900164001239063