Alice ~ 4 year old English Mastiff ~$400

My name is Alice. I am a large dog! I need and enjoy a good long walk with my human. I have recently learned to walk at a pace on the lead that suits my human. I am a very beautiful dog and I get a lot of attention when I go out and about. So if you adopt me you must be prepared to feel as though you have a celebrity in the family and not be jealous of all the attention I get. I love attention, and if I have not had enough I will remind my person that they need to give me some love by putting my paw on their knee or by putting my head in their hand, that usually works. If not then I lie down on the floor and rolI on my back inviting them to tickle my tummy. I usually get a pat or two then. I am happy to lie on my bed and sleep in the evening. I will usually sit when asked and I will usually come when asked too. I am very clean and would never have accidents inside. I can be left alone in the house and I will just lie on my bed. I am able to jump into a car and sit for a journey. My foster family has older girls and I love to run up and down with them rolling around on the carpet. I also like to be near my foster mum who I help with chores like putting out the laundry…I walk with her and lie on the grass keeping her company until we come back inside. Ideally, I am looking for a family who don’t have any other pets and who have older children. I would enjoy a large back yard or the facility to access a big space to have a run and exercise. I am a beautiful gentle girl who would love to find a forever home, why not come for a visit and meet me. You are sure to fall in love… everybody does!!

I am desexed, microchipped and upto with my vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #941000017305572