Alice~ 18 mth old female DSH ~ $200

“We are all mad here” said the Cheshire Cat.

Alice is anything but a mad cat. After arriving into care and promptly giving birth, she has been a responsible loving mother.

Alice will follow you around the house. She enjoys human company and enjoys listening to children’s games, books being read, and finding a social place to relax. She relocated her kittens into a busy lounge for company.

Our house is full with children, people, dogs and kittens and mum Alice relishes the company. She is nothing like the Cheshire Cat, other than being peaceful and tolerant. Alice is happy to be around dogs, children of all ages and visitors to the house. She puts up with cuddles and being carried by a 2 year old, nothing fazes her.

She loves rubbing up against your leg, and loves pats and brushing, and will jut her nose in for more pats and neck scratches. She loves her food, uses litter tray, and is a low maintenance cat. She will be treasured by her forever family “oh you can’t help that”.

Alice is litter trained, people and animal friendly,  and waiting for a lovely family to join.

Alice is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip #953010000238027