Amber: 7mth old DSH – $200

Amber came to us heavily pregnant in December 2014, when she was only around 5 months old and living the life of a feral cat. She is a beautiful ginger marble and white cat (rare for girls). A few days later Amber’s babies were born. Even though she had 5 kittens only 2 survived. Amber has been a fantastic loving mother to Tosca & Lilly. Even sneaking them feeds right up until 8 weeks old. Because Amber had lived the life of a feral cat she has taken time to develop trust as she didn’t understand our body language. So her ‘flight of fight’ instinct would take over and she would run away and hide. Now she might go to run and then stops and realises who it is, then comes back. It may take a while, but once Amber has gained your trust, you will see the loving and sweet side to her. She adores cuddles and scratches under her chin.
Amber does get nervous when people come into the same room and will often run away and hide. So once she has gained trust in you, you just sit with her as they enter the room. After no time at all, Amber will be snoozing away on the couch like no one is even in the room.
Amber has also been around our two small dogs, is litter trained, vaccinated, micro chipped , desexed and up to date with her flea and worm treatments.
Amber hasn’t been outside on her own since we have had her so would only take her out on the cat lead until you were sure she won’t panic.
I think Amber would be great for a single person, couples before they have children (before kids so she would adapt with the couple before the kids come along) or and an elderly person.

Microchip# 982000363583596