Ari ~ 4 year old ~ Female ~ working breed mix.

We are looking for a special foster carer to trial GAR’s longest in care dog, Ari. She has been in her current foster home for quite some time. In the past when she has moved from this home, she has regressed in her training and has begun resource guarding behaviour, which is no longer present in her current home. This makes it a little hard for us to find a great forever home for her, because the dog you see in the foster home, is not necessarily the dog you get!

She has been taking medication for several months now to help with her fear based anxiety, and we are wanting to find a home where we can test out her ability to adjust to a new environment. For us to be able to find Ari her prefect forever home we need to know; How long it will take for her to settle into a new home? How quickly she will bond with her new humans? What behaviours present whilst she settles? GAR has recently purchased Ari a pen to assist with the transition period. This pen will go with her to her trial home, and her adoptive home also. This pen is designed to give Ari a safe place where she can be if things get a little overwhelming for her in the home.

What You Need To Know: Ari – 4 year old working breed mix.

Ari is dog reactive, she is best suited to a home with no other pets. In the past Ari has guarded people. She bonds with a person, then thinks she needs to protect that person from everyone, and everything. She will bark at anything she feels is a potential threat to her person, or persons.

PLEASE NOTE: she does NOT currently do this in her foster home. Ari is an anxious dog. Her anxiety comes from fear. She is happiest when her routine is strict. She prefers to walk the same route always as she knows where the dogs and other ‘scary’ things are. She is frightened of loud noises like fireworks, thunder and loud trucks. She hates bikes!! Ari barks quite a lot. She is very responsive to voice commands when you are home, however she does have a bark control collar for when her current carers are at work. She does not activate the collar during the day anymore.

Ari is content in the yard. She is not destructive, nor has she ever tried to escape. We genuinely think she would be happy to never leave the yard, her ‘safe zone’. She is definitely at her most relaxed in the yard. Ari is smart, loyal, loving and obedient in the home. Ari is quite playful, and is happy to play on her own. Tennis balls are her favourite, she has about 40 and she throws them around to herself and chases them around the yard. She’s cute as a button.

Ari has been through a lot in her short life, so she really needs someone who has a patient and understanding attitude. If you think you’re the person who can help give Ari a second chance, please contact to discuss suitability.