Arlo ~ 6.5 mths old DMH kitten ~ $200

Meet Arlo! an adventurous and charismatic kitten in need of a forever home! Arlo came into care at 6 weeks old with his 5 brothers and sisters and he has been through a lot to be here and healthy! He has battled cat flu, nasty bugs and a bowel infection! But through it all he was still as cheeky as ever! Always up for some mischievous fun, he will constantly surprise and amuse you with the things he gets up to! from pinching household items (he likes toothbrushes and teabags) to running circles around the house like he’s a formula one car, there’s never a dull moment! He is excellent with kids and other furry friends as he has so much love to share! Arlo is used to the company of another cat/kitten so that would be ideal, but he is also quite independent and would easily adapt to the change as long as there was someone for him to be cheeky with. He absolutely loves being playful and will often be found wrestling and growling with his favourite toys! But that’s not to say he’s not affectionate though, because when the mood strikes he is the biggest smoocher ever!!

If you’re looking for a new addition to your family who is cheeky and charming Arlo is your guy!

Arlo is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatment.

M/chip# 900164001239054