Ashby ~ 11 wk old male DSH ~ $200

Ashby is a handsome 11 week old male kitty. He arrived into foster care with his two sisters. When he was introduced to his new foster home at 8 weeks old, it didn’t take him very long to explore his new surroundings making sure everything was ok for his sisters to venture out.

He has been an awesome big brother and his siblings would always follow behind him. He did however, always claim the new toys, not allowing his siblings to go near them until he was done with them. As he has grown it’s quite clear that he is one confident outgoing little boy. Nothing scares him, which is why he’s so good with the foster carers big Labrador.
Along with his laidback personality, his sweet gentle nature makes him a great candidate for a home with children. His coat is super soft and he keeps himself in pristine condition. He loves to be a friend to everyone and would do well with another cat companion.  He is very affectionate and enjoys getting lots of pats while he loudly purrs whenever he is near you. When he gets tired from a day of playing and wrestling with his siblings, he loves a good nap and would cuddle with his siblings or find a lap to sleep on giving you lots of snuggles.
He is an awesome, smart, curious kitty and would make a perfect addition to any home.
Ashby is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/chip # 900164001722707
If you would like to meet Ashby, you can find our adoption application here: