Bailey ~ 13 Wk Old Rottweiler x Mastiff ~ $400

Bailey is a full-on, full of beans little ball of energy! She can be a little bit cheeky, but she is very lovely and affectionate and loves people! In fact, she pretty much loves everything, as she gets along with other dogs and cats really well too. She can be a little bit bossy with other dogs, so it’s important she’s kept well socialised after adoption.

She is a pretty good learner and knows basic commands, she is obsessed with food, so that is an effective tool to use with her. Her toilet training is still a little bit of a work in progress, and she still needs some more work with her general behaviour. It is important to note that ongoing behaviour training would be of huge benefit to Bailey.

Bailey is a gorgeous girl who loves to play and to snuggle and would be a good fit with pretty much any home — provided you’re prepared to continue her behaviour training and socialisation with other dogs. She will grow to be a medium-to-large-sized dog. As you can see from the pictures she is an extremely pretty dog and would love to spend her life with you!

Bailey is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip : 956000004408030