Banjo ~ 7 Yr old German Shepherd ~ Male ~ $400

Hi I’m Banjo, a fun loving boy who loves everybody. I’m a German Shepherd about 7 years old, but most people I meet think I seem younger. Perhaps it’s my incredible good looks, my joie de vivre and friendly outgoing nature!

At home I am extremely well behaved. I don’t try and escape, I don’t dig holes and am not destructive. I sometimes entertain myself by chasing balls or better still by playing with a squeaky toy. I also chase bees, birds, moths etc. I never seem to catch them but its fun to try. I sometimes play by myself but it’s much more fun when people are nearby, then I can also play fetch, keeping off or hide and seek with you. Or I’m happy to just follow you around and keep you company – at home, at work or wherever.

I’m a real water lover: The hose, baths, swimming or having a shower under the outdoor shower. But I haven’t yet learnt not to drink the sea water at the beach. Oops.

On warm evenings I sleep outside on my mats but now it’s getting colder I love snuggling up on my doona in my kennel. When morning comes and my human carers appear, I get very excited – squirming, squealing and running in circles around them. I show my affection by rubbing my side up against their legs then dash off to find a nice toy to bring to them. They laugh at me and call me a dag. I’m like a puppy but without a puppy’s destructive tendancies!

I’m not easily upset. Loud noises, storms, mowers and passing trucks are no drama for me and I only rarely bark. When I’m out walking or sitting at one of the local cafes, people are always coming up to say hi and pat me. I love it and I really love kids. Yes I’m big but I know to be gentle with small children.

I can sit and I can stay, and while I didn’t have much training when I was younger, I am a smart cookie and learn quickly. So I sound like the perfect dog, right!? Well my carers have told me that full disclosure is required so there’s one or two other things I should mention:

• Walking on the lead. I just love going for walks and get oh so excited. But I have tended to pull on the lead and dash left and right sniffing all the exciting smells. I’ve been doing classes at Jimmy’s Dog Training and have been rapidly improving but there’s still room for improvement.
• Other dogs. I really love to meet dogs but I’m not good at it yet. When I get close to them I become all excited and a bit anxious. Before I know it, without intending to, I start growling and barking. Not good. At dog training I am learning not to do this, but I’m not there yet.
• Car travel is one of favourite things. But I sometimes make silly noises in the car. To humans it can sound like I’m in pain or distressed but I’m really just over excited. Fortunately I’m now doing this less and I hope I will soon be able to stay chilled out in the car.

I have been largely an outside dog since being in care. While I do like going inside the house with the people I sometimes get a bit too excited and a bit anxious. I’m not at all destructive and I’m confident that with a bit of practice I could easily adapt to spending more time inside. I also think I could be good sharing my home with another doggie but I haven’t tried this yet.

Banjo is ready for his forever home. His ideal forever owners will have experience with his breed and will have the time and commitment to continue his training.  In return you will be rewarded with a wonderful pet who will provide you with loyalty, love and lots of laughs.

Banjo is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/chip # 956000001881833

If you would like to meet Banjo, you can find our adoption application here: