Bella ~ 16 month old DSH ~ $200

They call me Bella, Bella the beautiful, and beautiful I am. I’m part Bengal you see, so I have a striking leopard print coat.

I love water, in true Bengal fashion, so don’t be surprised if I try to jump in the bath with you!

I love playing with my toys, and will carry them around in my mouth. I can also improvise and turn just about anything left lying around into a toy! I have very nimble paws and can pick up things that I want to play with.

I am a pretty chilled out sort of gal, but i can still play like a kitten when the mood strikes. Running up and down the hallway is so much fun, as is chasing my own tail!

I love to be up in high places, like at the very top of my cat tower, and I’ll often have a snooze up there.

I love to have a chat to my humans, and if you ask me a question I’ll answer you every time.

I am the most tolerant cat you will ever find, seriously. I live with a 5 yr old, and I let her do whatever she wants with me, including giving me full doctors check ups with her toy medical kit. Just yesterday I had brain and heart surgery, what a day that was! I have never once bitten or scratched her, and I am very used to being carried around and placed in all sorts of awkward positions!

I would be a brilliant cat for any family with young children.

I am also a mum. I had my 4 kittens while I was living on the streets and it wasn’t easy. We were all very sick when we were found and it’s taken some time to get well again. My kittens have all gone on to find their forever homes, and now it’s my time.

I am loving my new life as an indoor cat, and have recently discovered that it’s so comfy sleeping on my foster mums bed, and even better on her lap. I had never experienced these luxuries before.

The illness I experienced has unfortunately left me with some sensitivities and allergies. For this reason I will need to be on a specific grain free food for life. My foster mum can talk to you in detail about this. I need a special human that is committed to keeping me healthy, and be on the look out for any relapses.

In the past I have not been reactive to dogs, however my foster mum had a very small and cat friendly dog stay with us for a few days and I did not like it at all. In fact, I hissed and growled at him the entire time. For this reason it is best I do not live with any canine friends in my new home. I don’t mind other felines, but after the tough life I’ve had, I’d really love to have my humans all to myself if I could choose.

To sum things up, i think I’m the perfect all rounder really, and I’d fit into most homes, so won’t you please take me home with you today and let me love you forever? You won’t regret it.

Bella is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, litter box trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 956000006064311

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