GAR 1060

Bethany ~ 2 yr old female DMH ~ $200

Bethany arrived in Geelong on a cold June evening. She was liberated from the pound in Mildura. She was quite dirty and scruffy from the ravages of living rough for sometime. After establishing that she was not pregnant she was vaccinated and speyed.

Now she has transformed into a very clean, well nourished proud puss. She is very pretty with her patches of colour on a pristine white coat. She has ice blue eyes which she uses to great effect when she is pleading with you for food!
Bethany is used to doing exactly as she pleases when she pleases and is now adapting to being an indoor cat. Whilst in care she has been put into an outdoor run during sunny periods. This she likes as she does like some space and the opportunity to watch the birds. She is transitioning to having food provided for her and rather likes the frequency of having food on hand.
After discovering the comforts of sleeping on her foster mother’s bed she now sleeps there every day!

Bethany is not a lap cat but does like to be near. She is up for being coached and patted and will purr and roll over offering her belly for a rub.

We think she is 12 – 18 months old. She is young and still enjoys playing with toys. Bethany is also dog friendly. She loves the large dogs in her foster home. She tolerates the other cats which are both desexed males.

Bethany is stil adapting to a life of plenty – plenty of love, cuddles and food.  She is also adapting to normal household noises which sometimes startle her as she is not familiar with them. But a little time and patience and she will adapt beautifully.

Bethany is a beautiful cat. She will make a lovely companion for the right person/people.

Bethany is desexed, fully vaccinated, flead and wormed and of course m/chipped.

M/Chip #956000009367997

If you would like to meet Bethany, you can find our adoption application here: