Bilbo (Billy) ~ Male DSH ~ 6 months ~ $200

Bilbo (Billy)

Billy is also 6 months old. He was one in a litter of 5 one week old kittens who came into foster care. He is still patiently waiting for his forever home. Bilbo is a tabby with quite striking stripes. He is quite a handsome boy and exceedingly gentle.  He has been hand raised and  is very comfortable with his human family. He is very trusting and easy to handle. Billy loves to be cuddled and patted and in return purrs and dribbles with gusto!

Although well socialised with other cats, kittens and large dogs Billy is quite happy to play in his own little world. He often bats a toy mouse around the kitchen or chases a ball around. He has a passion for pulling tissues out of a box and shredding them if the opportunity arises! He is quite able to amuse himself and loves to ease his teething by sitting in cardboard boxes and shredding/ chewing the sides. He is also very happy to use a scratching pole and leaves the furniture for sitting on.

Billy is very laid back and gentle. He is fine in his comfort zone with his people and those who are regular visitors. He is not very confident with strangers and takes a little while to become comfortable with them. (a bit of a scaredy cat) but he is an adorable boy who will bond strongly to an owner who is willing to love him and encourage him. He will sit on your lap and cuddle into you on cold nights and love to sleep on your bed with you. Bilbo is an ideal  indoor companion cat. He would love a quiet home and would suit a person on their own or retired folk looking for a gentle feline companion.

Bilbo is vetworked (m/c, desexed  vaccinated flead and wormed) fully litter trained and very civilised!

M/Chip# 956000006556381

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