Blake ~ male DSH ~ 18 months ~ $200

Hi there!

My name is Blake and although I am still a young boy, I am past all the naughty stuff but do like adventures and exploring so can amuse myself very easily. Toys, toys lots of them and I love them all especially small bouncy balls. After all the excitement of adventures and playing the best place is curling up with you for a cuddle and a nap.

I have impeccable manners and I like to keep myself neat and tidy. A nice sunny spot is where you will find me grooming myself so I can look my best for you. I love attention and love to smooch. I do apologise as sometimes I get so happy from all the love and attention I drool (just a bit), but that’s because I love and trust you. Oh, and about food, well I love, love, love it!

My only wish and what I want most of all is to find a forever home with a very caring, kind and gentle family who have lots of love to give. Once you meet me and see how much happiness and love I can bring into your life, you will want to take me home!

A poem from my foster mum!

White, brown and black, bright yellow eyes,

Playful, polite, come on guys

Will you give me a home where I can roam?

I will love you as much as you will love me

Because I will be part of your family.

Carer’s note: Blake is a beautiful, gentle boy who will make a wonderful addition to any loving and caring home. His lovely personality will brighten your life. He is funny and will make you laugh when you see him playing, especially with balls, he plays soccer with them, and he hits them and then chases them and then hits them again.

Blake has FeLV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) but this doesn’t mean a life sentence for this little character and may or may not ever develop symptoms.

The Can’s about this Virus:

· Can live a long, normal, healthy life – as Blake was diagnosed before having any symptoms, the Vet has advised that with a good diet, health care (regular worming, fleaing etc.), and normal Vet checks along with a stress-free loving home, he can live a normal life

· Can be a normal fun loving, mischievous and fun loving cat

· Can be housed with another dog/s

The Cant’s

· Can’t pass onto humans or dogs

· Can’t be housed with another cat – they pass the virus on through grooming, sharing the

same food/water bowls, biting, scratching

· Can’t go outside, must be indoor only which he has already adapted to and is also part of

GAR’s requirements for adopting.

Like FIV, there is no cure and if he does show any symptoms they need to be treated symptomatically by a Vet eg. Antibiotics

Blake is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip #900164001399460

If you would like to meet Blake, you can find our Adoption application here: