Blossom ~ 15 mth old DSH ~ $200

Why hello there, my future lovelies!
My names blossom and I’m putting my bottom dollar on the fact your going to looooove me. I’m 15 months, beautiful and well on my way to becoming a perrrrrfect lady. I’m very playful and an absolute sucker for a good nuzzle into your chest. I love being in your arms and I’ll take a good scratch anywhere!
Im fully toilet trained, my foster parents dont let me out all too often, but when I find an escape route.. lets just say I don’t miss my chance haha. I love being in the sun and I’m quite comfortable lying in ALL THE SPOTS for the day!
I was brought into foster as a foster mum myself! I lost my litter to a larger dog just prior to being rescued, at the same time, a tiny litter of kittens were rescued as well, without their mum! So my mother instincts kicked in, our rescuers paired us together and I raised another cats kittens from 4 days old!
Im growing up with a foster brother cat and two humongous foster brother dogs, so you could say I’m more than tolerable around all types! I get bossed around a lot but I’m a lover, not a fighter! I’m positively marvellous at making you laugh when we play! Growing up with a human baby in the house I’ve learnt my boundaries with all ages!
Blossom is desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip: 956000004417682