Bonnie ~ 13 yr old JRT ~ $250

This is Miss Bonnie. She’s nearly 13 ….. but you wouldn’t know it. This ol’ gal has all the life, love & sass of a teenager, and acts like it too!
Bonnie came into rescue care with a low grade mast cell tumour on her chest – we assume that may be one of the reasons she was abandoned. Since being in care she has had to have quite a big operation to remove the tumour … and to our absolute joy, is now cancer free!! She’s a fighter this one – to be sure. While at the vet, we have determined she will also need ongoing care for her arthritis – as many old doggies do. She was given a good bill of health otherwise – all her other vitals are in tip top shape.
Bonnie was quite timid when we first met.. she didn’t like to be picked up much & cowered a lot if you reached down to pat her. We do not believe she has had the easiest life, poor baby. But with love and care she has really come a long way …. the trust she is showing now is unbelievable… she will jump up onto your lap for cuddles & pats very willingly!
Bonnie wouldn’t like to be left alone much – as she’s now a HUGE fan of a warm lap these days, so will need a new family where someone is home more often than not. Her new family would also need to keep up with her arthritis medication so she remains comfortable & pain free – and commit to regular vet visits as she gets older. Aside from that there is no reason why she can’t live the rest of her life to the full… she has SO much love & cuddles to give and will attach quite quickly & strongly to a new loving human.
Her new family must have no cats – she doesn’t like them. But she really enjoys the company of smaller social dogs. While she is quite active now, being an ol’ duck she will still need a low energy home so when she needs to nap and rest, she can…. so kids are fine (she loves them) so long as they respect her need to chill every so often.
Bonnie really is one very special little lady, who deserves to live out the rest of her days happy, safe & loved.
Bonnie is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.
M/Chip# 985113000517177