Boris ~ 9 Yr old male DLH Tabby FIV + ~ $150

Hi, My name is Boris. I am a big fluffy boy, about 9 years old and have had a hard life. I am now looking to relax and be loved so I can enjoy my older years. I am very nervous, a typical scaredy cat,  and when I first meet new people  I may hiss/hide, as I am very scared and need a few days before I will trust you, (especially men), but once I do I am a real cuddle pot. I absolutely love lying beside you and nice head/body pat’s and scratches, I even like belly scratches. I am a bit like a dog and will follow you around, wagging my tail, respond when you call me and even push into you as you pat/scratch me as I love it so much. I am a bit of a character and sometimes get extra energy so I will run like crazy around the house, yes on the odd times I do that, it is 3am but if you get up to check on me I will be sitting there looking very innocent. My hard past life has left me with a scratch on my left eyeball and I have FIV, which means that I must always be an inside cat and never allowed with other cats and as I do not like dogs I would need to be the perfect only pet. I am very happy inside as any unit/flat/house is so much bigger than my cage at the pound so I feel like a king. I am no trouble at all and use my litter tray and am not fussy with food. Having FIV means I do not know if it will advance and I will get sick and die or if I will have a long happy life like so many other cats with FIV, I just want to spend my remaining months or years with someone who will love, protect and care for me. I hope that is you.

I have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flead, wormed and if you would like to meet me please apply—but remember at first meeting I may be very scared so be patient with me & you will see what a beautiful happy boy I can be as a forever pet.

Boris is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worming treatments.

M/Chip #956000005590364