Brax ~ 18 mth old Staffy ~ $400

Brax is a beautiful, 18 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffy. He could be a cross, but certainly looks pure bred to us. He weighs about 20 kgs, so although not really tall, for a medium dog he’s quite a barrel and very strong!

Brax is incredibly lovable. He is a typical Staffy in that he is happiest when he’s hanging out with his family. And that means being inside if they’re inside, and outside when they’re outside. So he loves snuggling with the family in front of the TV, playing with everyone in the sunshine outside, or quietly following you around the house. Brax can be full of energy, but also fits in well with the normal goings on in a home. Sometimes you would hardly know he’s there.

But if Brax is excited, look out! He is so strong he can easily knock over smaller people. Brax would suit a family with children seven years and over, so they are at least tall enough and strong enough to deal with him when he tries to jump up and lick their ears. They need to be able to show him that they are higher up in the pack! But Brax does seem well trained and will certainly respond to ‘down’ and ‘no’ if he does jump up. He will also ‘sit’, and ‘lie down’, almost always rolling into a submissive position, loving a scratch on his tummy. We have never had to offer him a treat in order to get him to respond to a command, but we’re still working on ‘stay’ and ‘shake’… so maybe he would need a little incentive there! The only puppy trait he really displays is chewing. And he isn’t particularly choosey about what it is. In fact he seems to prefer chewing shoes, toys or even a box of tissues, over the bones we offered him.

So far Brax loves everyone he meets. He seems fairly relaxed with other dogs, but can be fond of a bit of rough play. But we haven’t had much time with him in the outside world, so he will definitely need consistent and ongoing training to provide him with the necessary socialisation skills he needs.. So far Brax seems very eager to meet other dogs, but he does push his wide chest out if he senses aggression from another dog. It is important he continues this in a safe, formal training environment. We do sense he would love another dog to play with and keep him company when we’re out, but this would have to be tested first.

And just so you know, Brax does have a tendency to take advantage of an open front door! Although he’s only done this a couple of times, you do have to make sure he’s on his lead first when going for a walk, otherwise his natural tendencies to explore the world will have you chasing him down the street… and he’s pretty fast!

We have fallen in love with Brax in such a short time. He really is a wonderful, loving dog who would thrive in a family environment.

Brax is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #985170003048753