Bud ~ 7 yr old male Staffy X ~ Permanent foster 

Bud is a special little guy and we are looking for a permanent foster carer meaning we will pay for ongoing costs for Bud and not charge an adoption fee. He is expected to have continuos cancer growths that will need removals so GAR will pay for any of his associated costs and offer ongoing support and training for all of my needs.

My name is Bud, and that’s what I want to be “your Buddy”.  I am the ultimate Staffy because I am as wide at the shoulders as I am tall and I walk like I am a UFC fighter but I am actually a real softy. I am 8 years old and suffer from skin cancer, which is why I was given up and spent so much time in kennels & foster homes. Thanks to GAR my skin cancer has been treated & huge tumours removed from my stomach but I may get some more in the future so you need to keep an eye out for this. After so many vet visits I must admit I do not like the vet and need to be muzzled when I go as it is always painful and I get scared. My life so far has left me terrified that you will dump me so I need to be carefully handled in the initial stages after we meet, I am really friendly and loving but my anxiety means I will cry/squeal if you leave me too much as I believe I will be left alone forever. I need time, patience and someone who will convince me that if they leave they will return again. I just want to be with you everywhere and constant patting is encouraged, although I have learned sometimes you need both hands for the computer so will leave you alone if you insist. Apart from my anxiety I have no normal doggy bad habits, I do not dig or chew, I am well trained and will sit, stay, wait, shake, be gently, walk well on the lead—I just need to know I can trust you. I have been crate trained and would like to be a mostly indoor dog because if you leave a door open I will always do my business outside. I am great at night and will go out and sleep on my bed happily until 8-9am. If you want a real Staffy with a barrel chest and totally loving nature then I may suit you if you have the time to help me adjust. I get on well with other dogs generally but dominate ones challenge me, I really do not like cats as they scratch and bite so I am best suited to an only pet home where someone is home most of the time and wants to be my best friend doing everything together. No small children as I could bowl them over with enthusiasm and do not like high energy situation so need to be monitored.  A retiree, or work from home person would be perfect.  Try me for a week I am worth the effort in the long run as you will have a loyal best friend forever.

M/Chip number 985154000023040