Carlos ~ 13 wk old male DMH ~ $200

Carlos arrived as one of three kittens when he was just three weeks old.  He is beautifully marked black and white – dark brooding good looks (hence Carlos – Santana, of course) . He has the softest semi long haired coat that feels like rabbit fur it is so soft. In all, a very handsome boy.

Carlos has not had any health issues and has thrived from the minute he arrived. Being hand reared, he is very comfortable with his human family and is also excellent with other cats, kittens and large dogs. He has grown up in a multi animal household so not much phases him. He does enjoy the warmth of a heater to lie in front of and is definitely a lap cat who is an absolute purring machine. Carlos does sleep on his foster mum’s bed where he can easily access a cuddle when he feels like it. He loves to snuggle up and be in very close proximity! 

Carlos is developing a love of playing in water. He will dip his front paws in the water bowl and have a marvelous time flicking water in all directions.  Everything is a game. He is a very curious and adventurous boy. He will require lots of company and attention. 

He is best buddies with his brother Eddie and sister Dusty and would be ecstatic if adopted with either sibling. If two kittens appeals they will certainly entertain each other and keep each other company if you need to leave them for work etc.

Carlos is desexed microchipped and vaccinated. He is in peak health and growing rapidly.

M/chip # 956000010222660

If you would like to meet Carlos, you can find our adoption application here: