Cathy ~ 14 wk old Boxer X Bull Arab ~ $400

Cathy’s adventure started all the way in rural Victoria, she was the smallest of her litter at that time. She’s proven to her carers that the first time was the last time they’d see her sit still. Chewing on a toy or bone is Cathy’s favourite thing, she’ll stay on her bed and talk to you till you give her one. Her basic obedience is very good, she is currently housed with her brother, making training individually harder than it will be in her new home. Her affection for you will easily make anything she does adorable.

Cathy has grown at least double in her time in care, she’ll be medium to large dog, compared to her brother she’s 4 kgs lighter. She is blessed with a beautiful white coat that leaves her vulnerable to sun damage at any time of the day. Sunscreen on her eyes and ears daily is a must if outside, unfortunately dogs will never understand that sunbathing is damaging to them but to her it’s downright dangerous.

Cathy will thrive in a household with a resident dog for company, any family dynamic as long as there is time for daily play and exercise. Ensure she is challenged mentally and kept busy, so she doesn’t use that clever brain on a couch or loved possession.

Cathy is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #982000363325709