Charlie ~  14month old ~ Male ~   Staghound X ~ $400

Charlie is a sweet natured boy, he is 14months old and is a staghound X.

As with most staghounds, he is laid back and very affectionate with all people, including children.

He loves other dogs, although as a staghound he might not get along with cats.

Charlie loves to hang with his people and any dog who wants to play. He is forever playing with his foster brother, so a brother or sister for Charlie would be fantastic.

Due to being abandoned a couple of times in his young life, Charlie does suffer from a mild form of separation anxiety. He is not destructive but will try to jump out of the yard to be with you. So high fencing and a high gate is a must. He is getting better with being left alone as long as he has a bone, or something to chew on.

This boy is such a loving, good natured dog! He will sneak up on the bed in the mornings for a cuddle or any other time if allowed. He will greet you at the door with his tail wagging and saying hello, he has a unique way of talking too.

Charlie needs someone who is home more often than not and who is committed to further training. Someone who will have patience with his anxiety.

He will reward you in spades with cuddles and love.

Can you see your self giving Charlie a chance?

Charlie is desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

Microchip No: 941000021628970

If you would like to meet Charlie, you can find our adoption application here: