Charlie ~ 18 mth old Male Border Collie ~ $400

Hi there!

I’m on the hunt for my forever home – could that be yours? But, you’d probably like to know a bit about me first…

My name is Charlie!

I look large (I’m quite tall), but I’m a very gentle boy. I play well with dogs of all sizes, and I’m also well behaved around human puppies. I’m very affectionate with humans.

If I’m very excited I’ll sometimes try to “climb” on my foster parents to tell them something; but I’ll get down with a firm word and I’m getting better at managing my excitement.

Another exciting activity that I’ll need your help with is walking! There’s so much to see out in the big world and I want to smell and play with everything! Again, I’m gentle so a small tug back from you will stop me pulling, but I need consistency with this.

I can be a bit timid when I first meet people, after that we’ll be the best of friends. And I mean BEST FRIENDS. I will follow you everywhere and sit right next to you or in front of you or behind you. I hope that won’t bother you when you’re trying to get dinner cooked. Because I’ll be right there behind you.

Humans are my favourite, and I like to spend as much time as I can around them. I think it would be ideal if my new foster family work part time or are shift workers. I wouldn’t want to be left home without my humans for more than ten hours. While you are out, because I understand that this is sometimes necessary, I’ll need another dog around to help me feel less anxious.

One thing I’ve really managed to get on top of is my anxiety around cars! You’d never know I was ever worried about it. Just open the door and tell me to jump in. I’ll settle right down, and I’m even good with long trips over an hour!

I’ve put on a couple of kilos while I’ve been in foster care and have a couple more to go. That being said – I probably look a bit skinnier than I normally would because I’ve had a haircut. Once all my hair grows back, I’ll look amazing in all of my fluffy brilliance.

Regular brushing (at least a couple of times a week) is needed to keep my coat looking its best and free of tangles. It also may reduce the amount of shedding you’ll find around the place! My foster parents tell me this is the reason they need to bring the vacuum cleaner out so regularly. 

You’ve probably noticed that my nose looks a little pink and different. The vet thinks I have an autoimmune condition, and I’m currently taking daily medication which I may need ongoing. The medication has really helped keep my nose from getting sore and bleeding, so I’ll need you to keep track of this.

I think that’s everything! I can’t wait to meet you

Charlie is desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments. 

M/chip # 956000009520174

If you would like to meet Charlie, you can find our adoption application here: