10 week old X Breed ~ $400

Chase is a rambunctious Australian Sheep dog cross with one spunky little personality with the attitude to match. Born into foster care we separated the litter at six weeks, an un-common occurrence. However, the foster home that Chase was separated into had older role models with which he has grown close too and taken social queues from. Chase over the past month has proved that he is capable of being around a multitude of different animals as well as adults and small children, he’s been taught to greet without jumping and to sit before meal times. As a puppy though, he’s still learning and will need a family that has a great structure and that can stick to routines. Chase will be a medium-to-large dog and his training as a puppy is paramount to success as an adult dog. Whilst lucky enough to be born and ready around Christmas time, we stress the importance that puppies shouldn’t be given as presents.