Chips ~ 7 yr old DSH ~ $200

There’s no doubt about it: Chips is a wacky cat in every way. From his unique appearance to his slightly senile behaviour, Chips will bring joy and warmth (literally!) to your life. He is a very chatty boy who likes to be close to you most of the time. At a lively 7 years old, Chips curiously still displays some kitten behaviour from time to time and can be very playful when the mood strikes him. He has lived a life in the outdoors, which had caused him to develop some severe skin carcinomas on his ears that needed to be removed when he came into GAR’s care. For this reason, he will need to be an indoor dweller in his new home to protect his fair skin from the sun’s harmful rays. He is looking for a relaxed environment to call home as he is easily stressed by overstimulation. Overall, Chips is an absolute delight and has won the hearts of all who have met him, even the most devout dog lover. He would love to win yours too!
Chips is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
M/chip #985141000565097