Chuckles ~ 1-2 yr old DSH ~ $100

Oh hello there!
I was wondering where you were….I’ve been waiting months for you!
I’m not sure if you know my story,so I will give you a quick run down.
I came from a pound in northern Victoria,GAR saved me from death,literally!
When I arrived I had horrible flu,a green snotty nose and I breathed like Darth Vader.
On top of that I have half a tail and had to see the dentist to remove my broken tooth.
Then the vet said I have FIV, but don’t worry I can still live a long and happy life!
My carer was so patient with me…I didn’t trust anyone,I was scared of being touched.
The dogs were very patient too,I REALLY hated them….I quite like them now though!
We all sleep on the bed together.
Look,I know I look constantly cranky….but I can’t help it. I think because I didn’t have anything to be happy about when I was little I just developed a permanent frown!
I absolutely LOVE cuddles,and I will follow you like a dog.
I do have to go to a new home without other cats,and I must be kept indoors so I don’t get picked on and end up in a fight …id hate to pass on FIV to another cat.
So…well…that’s me in a nutshell.
I’d love to meet you…..I give good massages.
See you soon!
Love, Chuckles xx

I am litter box trained, desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #982000402878745