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Cilla & Cindy

Cilla & Cindy ~ 1yr old DSH ~ $300 together

Cindy and Cilla are both young girls (approx 12 months old) both of whom came into care as young mums with tiny kittens. Both share a background of being strays and living a hard life. Both were severely compromised by neglect and poor living conditions.

Since being in care for approximately 4 months the girls have benefitted from vetcare, good nutrition, safe indoor living and buckets of tlc! The girls have both responded incredibly well, regaining their health and learning to trust again. Kittens all raised and off to new homes leaves these two ladies looking for their forever homes.

Cindy is a born mum. She loves to nurture all animals she is in contact with. Cilla is very shy and reserved. Interestingly these two girls have formed a very close friendship where they are almost co dependent upon each other. Cindy mothering the shy Cilla, Cilla in turn drawing strength and confidence from the chilled out Cindy.

They often wash each other and sit side by side in the sunshine. They are happy living in each others company in the comfort and safety of an indoor environment.

As a result we cannot split these two up – they are available to adopt as a twosome. They would be best suited to a quiet relaxed household with owners who are patient with Cilla as she is very timid with people she does not know. Once aquainted, Cilla and Cindy are extremely affectionate girls who love to be near their people. They love being patted and stroked and allowed to seek contact at their own pace. Cindy will help to draw Cilla out if she is frightened by a loud noise and takes cover under the nearest bed! It is lovely to witness these two interacting and trusting in each other.  They are inseparable. These beautiful gentle girls deserve a happy safe life together.

They are both desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and are up to date with worm/flea treatments.

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