CJ ~ 2 year old Great Dane X Mastiff ~ $400

Meet CJ, a 2yo Great Dane/Mastiff cross…yep, he’s a big boy! But don’t be fooled by his size – this giant of the dog world is gentle and loving and will be the most loyal companion his new owner could ask for.

CJ loves company, and would love a home where he is included in his family’s activities, whether it be inside or out. He enjoys his daily walks, preferring the shorter walks over longer ones, loves to show off in the backyard with his ability to throw and catch his own ball/chew toy, and feels very comfortable lying at his foster carer’s feet of an evening (although will occasionally forget his size and try to sneak up on her lap!). He is excellent with children, very gentle, and is learning to socialize with other dogs. He currently lives with two cats and whilst his initial reaction was to chase them, he has now learnt this is not allowed and will stay on his bed when they walk by.

In just a short time in foster care, CJ has responded excellently to basic training, proving to be a very smart dog. Continued training, and reinforcing what he has learnt will help CJ become that perfect companion.

CJ has so much love to give and will make the perfect addition to a family looking for a loving, fun and loyal companion.

CJ is desexed, microchipped, and is up to date with vaccinations flea and worm treatments.

M/chip #982000363256807