Clide: 2yr old Australian Bulldog – $400

Clide is a super cool 2 year old purebred Australian Bulldog. He has only been in foster care for a short time yet his endearing personality shone through immediately and made it feel like he’d been part of the family forever. Clide has so much love to give and would fit in to a family with plenty of love and time to give him. It is clear that he has had some training as he responds very well to commands like sit, come, stay and no, and he would no doubt improve on these skills break some bad habits (like chewing and jumping up on people occasionally) with continued training. Clide enjoys playing, especially ball, which he will happily fetch time after time. He is fantastic with children and despite his bulky build, is very gentle. He is definitely a “people” dog so would need a home where there is plenty of attention given to him or where he can just be around his family most of the time. If he is alone for any length of time, he will need plenty of toys to keep him entertained – even a plank of wood is a great chew toy for Clide and may save a few unwanted bite marks in your outdoor furniture or deck! Like most dogs, Clide loves going for walks and is generally well behaved on a lead, however can get distracted by other barking dogs and people but with a stern “no”, he happily returns to his walk. Further training will help Clide not to pull on the lead or become too distracted from his surrounds. As commonly found in Bulldogs, Clide does get hot easily so is best not to walk him on hot days, or do so early in the morning before the heat kicks in. Always ensure there is plenty of water for him to drink and even a shallow pool where he can just lie in is a great way for him to cool down. With supervised and gentle introduction and training, Clide should be fine around other dogs or cats and could be a good playmate for the right furry friend. His playful nature means he just wants to play and because of his size, may unintentionally push or knock others over, which is why he would need to be supervised when introduced to any other family animals, until they become comfortable with each other. Clide recently had surgery to fix his eyes, from which he has recovered perfectly. He had a condition called Entropion, where the bottom of his eyelids had rolled in, causing the fine hair on his lids to rub on his eyes, which in turn caused Clide discomfort and he would squint or keep his eyes closed so they wouldn’t hurt. So with a nip and tuck, his gorgeous eyes are now more prominent and reflect the beautiful dog he is!

Clide is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip number: 943094320386893