Coby ~ 7month old Whippet x Kelpie ~ $400

Coby aka (Oby1canoby, Coba banana, Bambi) is a 7month old Whippet x Kelpie. This beautiful pup is an energetic delight! His intelligence is outstanding and he learns at a very quick pace. Coby’s favourite things in life is giving affection, food, sticks, running, and being in the water. Although he isn’t the strongest swimmer, he is a water baby at heart and loves to duck dive for treasures, and collect sticks. This little bundle of joy is deeply affectionate and caring, always looking out for, and kissing his fur buddies. Any chance he has he’s in for a cuddle with his doggie friends and human foster carer! Coby is excellent with other dogs, loves playing chasey, tug of war and fetch. He is very gentle, always sharing, even his sticks and bones! Coby does very well on and off lead (in parks and bushland) he doesn’t like to stray far from his humans! Coby needs daily on and off lead walks and a doggy companion to play with during the day to keep this beautiful soul stimulated. Although he is highly energetic, he has a very placid aura, and is happy to just sit, be close, and to show off his beautiful smile. Coby needs a forever home that can provide exercise daily and a fur companion to keep him company. He makes for an excellent sidekick he will make you laugh and smile every day.

Coby is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip number: 956000008934868