Coyote ~ 12wk old Mastiff X ~ $400

Meet Coyote!

This stunning young man came to GAR with his 7 litter mates from a Northern Victorian farm, where the farmer made the choice to send the unwanted pups to rescue. Coyote is quite tall compared to his litter mates, having his puppy barrel body, with skinny long legs! Coyote is a special little man! He has a big tough man act when playing with his older foster sister, but really he is a big softy on the inside. He loves nothing more than being around people and will ignore other dogs around him if he can sit and have a scratch from you. He enjoys exploring the yard and running around with his sister and foster sister. He is quite vocal when he is playing, making some interesting noises at times! Coyote is quick to learn correction, he is very food oriented. He has so far learnt to sit for food and sit on command. Coyote is beautiful, sweet natured pup who will need a home where he will have another dog for company, or his owners are home more often than not. He has shown a great deal of intrigue in the cat, but more wants to follow him and see what he is up to all the time (and to sneak in and try to eat his food!)

Coyote will grow to be a medium to large breed dog. He will need to go to a home where his new owners are committed to ongoing training and socialisation to ensure he becomes a well-rounded pup and dog.

Coyote is desexed, microchipped and is up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. He will require the third booster in the puppy vaccine schedule, then yearly boosters after that.

M/Chip #900079000065468