Daisy ~ 16 Week Old Female Mastiff X Dane ~ $400

Daisy’s a sweet pup. One that’s not too sure how much she can love you but she’s sure going to try her hardest to display her affection for you no matter what mood you’re in.  She’s a jumper, in your face-er, make you smile kind of dog. There isn’t a moment that passes where Daisy isn’t hatching a plan to make your day. Daisy’s a do-gooder with a heart bigger than her head.
With the short time shes had to develop after being rescued at 8 weeks from NSW, shes had exposure to a giant lovable male 3 y/o GSD who has taught her personal doggie boundary’s as well as proper doggie etiquette. Shes a foodie. Her bowl will be empty quicker than you can count the few chews as she inhales it hole, definitely a Great Dane cross Mastiff, we don’t know who the father is, but with her nature, her smokey eyes and drool-ey chops, he had to have some boxer in him. Coming from a litter of 6 you can’t expect much more than a fierce food eater, although no aggression, the food isn’t there long enough! Daisy is fed twice daily currently, bowl down first time for a 20 minute interval in the afternoon followed by an evening feast.

Daisy learnt the toilet training ropes surprisingly quick. She is superb at communicating when she wants to go out, but of course with a new environment, like any other animal she will need time to adjust to her new home! Living with an 2 1/2 year old, shes learnt her size, and how to throw it around gently when playing with little ones. Although probably not suited to a new born, small children are perfectly matched for this lick-a-tongue dog. Warmth can attract Daisy from any room in the house! Like a magnet to metal, she definitely would benefit from a wood fire/heater in the chilly winter time! Shes a potential fashion marvel, a jacket for winter walks with a few bedazzlement’s and she’ll be the talk of the street! Who are the Kardashians again?

Daisy is an amazing dog. Deserving of an amazing home. With an apprehensive-about-giving-her-up foster carer, her furever owner better come along Quick-Snap!

Daisy is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 956000006063466