Daisy ~ 1 year old female Kelpie ~ $400

This little miss, is Daisy. She is about 1 year old and is a small Kelpie, very small weighing just shy of 13kgs. Being a young working dog Daisy is full of beans! Daisy is not a “chuck in the backyard” type of dog. She gets bored if left by herself for too long and will start showing unwanted behaviours like barking, digging, chewing things that aren’t meant to be chewed and jumping/scratching the back door.

Since being in GAR’s care Daisy has stopped all those behaviours and is a very happy calm little lady now.  Daisy has also learnt a few things since being in care like, sit, shake, wait for food, walk nice on the lead, wait, recall and to not run out the front door or gate as soon as it opens! She has also been practicing not jumping up on people, she has got A LOT better but still struggles to contain her excitement with new people. Even though she is small her little spring legs can jump high!

Daisy is a very smart little girl, she is very eager to please and will do almost anything for attention. She won’t take long to learn any new tricks you ask her!

Daisy has been living with 2 other dogs, one being a grumpy old lady who Daisy respects and gives space, and the other being a younger more playful boy who Daisy loves! Daisy loves to play and can sometimes annoy other dogs who don’t have the same amount of energy as her, but if she gets too annoying and the other dog tells her to bugger off she will! When not playing with her foster brother you will find Daisy chewing on her favourite chew toy or throwing around her favourite squeaky chicken! Stuffed toys don’t last long around miss Daisy!

Daisy has also been learning to live with 2 kittens and has got along really well with them. She does however like to heard them up and chase them when they run but stops as soon as you tell her no. Otherwise, she is very gentle with them.

Daisy’s forever home will need to have secure fencing, even though she has never escaped she can jump very high! Daisy would not suit farm fencing!

Daisy will need a home with another young active doggy friend and active humans to keep up with her energy levels. while she is very active she does have her calm moments where she loves to have some cuddles on the couch. She would be best with children who are 10 years and older as she is just too excitable for young children and will knock them over.

No birds or pocket pets for Daisy!

Daisy is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/chip# 953010001342275

If you would like to meet Daisy, you can find our adoption application here: