Daniella ~13 wk old female Great Dane x Mastiff ~ $400

Daniella is a gorgeous bouncy young pup looking for her forever home. Ella’s mum is a Great Dane cross Mastiff but we do not know what her dad is. She will be a large dog but I don’t believe she will quite be Great Dane size, just be warned you don’t know what your going to get with this one.

Ella loves her morning cuddles and her good belly rub. She loves exploring the garden, and is super curious about everything. But does sometimes get scared of things like the postman and barking dogs next door but is slowly learning that there’s no need to be afraid of these things. She hasn’t been on a proper walk yet as she was waiting to get vaccinated but she loves walking around the yard on her lead and is quickly getting used to it. She absolutely loves people and will go up to anyone for cuddles. She also loves other dogs of all shapes and sizes, Ella will crawl down on the ground to greet them and is super submissive but still loves a good wrestle with her other brothers and sisters. The toilet training is still a work in progress but she gets better everyday. She is also quickly learning the commands sit, stay and come and has just mastered waiting for her food. She is very food motivated so will learn quickly.

She currently sleeps inside and may bark for 5 minutes when we leave her alone but then stops. But be aware she has just learnt to chew and her bed and toys disappear pretty quickly now.  She is still getting used to car rides and will bark a lot. She loves to sleep in a crate at night cuddling up to her teddy. Loves to play fetch but is still learning to bring the ball back. She also loves playing tug a war. As she is a puppy, she still needs to learn what to chew and what not to chew, as she has some extremely sharp teeth.  She will play and eat anything she finds in the garden or on the floor. Is currently an inside dog as our yard isn’t quite secure enough but would be happy to be an outside dog too. Like any puppy she will need firm guidance that she is not the boss and to keep her in line so she doesn’t do things like jump up on you or the couch. However with the right training she will grow up to be the perfect dog. She is a super easy going pup who will fit into most households, Ella just loves everyone.

Ella is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 956000006299692