Dude ~ 3 year old Greyhound ~ male ~ $400

Do you like long naps?

Do you hate exercise?

Do you enjoy eating food?

Do you hate mornings?

If you answered yes to all those, then swipe right ladies! I am the man for you!

My name is Dude, but you can call me cutie pie, I don’t really mind. I am 3 years old (21 in human years), I am a greyhound, a purebred one too! Yep that’s right ladies I am a purebred! Now to make sure we really match let me tell you a bit about myself.

I love long naps on the couch, bed, in the sun, any where comfy really. I just love to nap. I love nice big dinners, and breakfasts, and lunches, and snacks. I’m not much into fitness, I much prefer car trips, or naps. I’m not much of a morning guy, occasionally I’ll have a burst of energy at 6am when my foster mum wakes up so I do 5-minute zoomies around the back yard. This only happens once every few days, maybe, really depends on how I feel. I generally wait till after 10am for my zoomies.

My foster mum takes me to doggy day care at her work, so I can learn to be around all different dogs of all different sizes. I like going to doggy day care it’s pretty fun, but I get tired very easy! So doggy day care isn’t necessary for me. I do like short walks in the evening, just around the block is enough for me.

My foster mum has been teaching me some doggy manners when it comes to small fluffy animals, you see Greyhounds aren’t typically good with small fluffy things. Well my foster mum said I am good with small fluffy dogs, but if I was to live with one they need to be confident and stand their ground! I have met a couple of cats, I first thought they looked fun to chase but my foster mum has been teaching me that cats are friends not food. My foster mum would like a home with out cats for me though, just to be safe.

Well, I think that’s everything, if I sound like the man for you then fill in an application and we’ll set up a date to meet. I’m sure you’ll love me as soon as you see me, I’m a loveable guy!

Dude is desexed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip # 956000003663313

If you would like to meet Dude, you can find our adoption application here: