ED ~ 4 mth old male DSH ~ $200

I am Thinking Out Loud, that if you live in a Castle on the Hill, a Lego House or anything in between, Ed could be a Perfect fit for the Shape of You.  He is calling out: “Give me Love” so if you See Fire in his eyes from his Photograph then imagine How Would You Feel if you could have this boy on your A-Team! He will certainly make your heart Sing!

 Song puns aside, this gorgeous 4 month-old ginger boy (named after Ed Sheeran due to his firey red hair) will fit in well to a loving home willing to give him a bit of patience to settle in. He is very affectionate and will usually greet his foster carers with a rub on their legs or turning his head upside down on their feet, accompanied by a very quiet purr. He’s not so keen on being picked up for cuddles, however does enjoy just being around and will follow his carers around the house just to be involved. For a kitten, he can be quite lazy, spending most of the day sleeping…although as time goes on in his foster home, he is coming out of his shell and showing more of a playful personality, albeit tentatively.

Ed came into GAR’s care with another kitten of the same age, Alani (assuming sibling but uncertain). The two of them do spend their days together, not necessarily cuddling together but just close by…if one goes into another room, the other will meow to find it. They would love to go to their forever home together as they are so comfortable in each other’s company, however with patience and lots of love would adjust well to individual homes. Ed is not intimidated by his foster carer’s own cat at all, however is a little cautious with his foster carer’s two dogs so would need gentle introduction with any dogs in his new family. He is excellent with children so would fit in well to a family with children of any age, likewise would suit a family well with no children.

Ed is litter-box trained, has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and kept up-to-date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 900164001442362

If you would like to meet Ed, you can find our Adoption application here:

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