Eddie ~ 13 wk old male DMH ~ $200

Eddie is a black and white kitten with extraordinary markings. He has a black “hairstyle” like Eddie Munster (The Munsters TV show – 1970’s).

His ears are white and his nose is black giving him a striking appearance. His coat is semi long with such a soft texture, like rabbit fur.

He is a very gregarious, cheeky boy. He endears himself to all with his antics and friendliness. He is very affectionate and loves to be a lap cat and of course sleep on the bed with “mum”. Like his brother, he too is an absolute purring machine.

Eddie has grown up with animals around him – cats, kittens and large dogs. He accepts them all as part of his world. Eddie will need company. He loves to play, pounce and sprint through the house, and can play quite boisterously with his siblings. They are a joy to watch especially when they arch their backs and leap in the air. For all that, Eddie is a gentle boy from a beautiful litter who does not bare his claws when  playing – claws are reserved for climbing the scratching poles.

Eddie and his siblings have been indoors only and are indoor cats – but would love an outdoor enclosure to spend some pleasant hours in.

Eddie is best buddies with Carlos and Dusty. If two kittens appeal to you they would certainly keep each other and you entertained! The perfect solution if you work full-time and need to leave them for hours.

Eddie is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. He is thriving and in tiptop health.

M/chip # 956000010223936

If you would like to meet Eddie, you can find our adoption application here: