Elsa ~ Female DSH 6 months ~ $200

Elsa is now 6 months old. She has been in foster care since one week of age. She and her litter were hand raised and as a result are very comfortable with people. She is very trusting and easy to handle. She is very gentle and never uses her claws when playing. Elsa is a lap cat and takes it as read that TV time on the couch is her cue to plonk herself on my lap for a cuddle. Bedtime ritual also signals that it is time to snuggle up on the bed with mum for the night (along with all other resident cats kittens and fosters).

Elsa is a very lithe agile kitten. She is very fast on her feet and is a fly catcher of unparalleled skill. She will hunt down any flies and blowflies that find their way into the home. She leaps and hurls herself into the air to catch them on the wing. Any home lucky enough to have Elsa will be fly and bug free!

Elsa likes to communicate with everyone by chirping away when she is looking for company, followed by a leap onto a lap. She adores being patted and cuddled, purring loudly in appreciation.

Being well socialised with other cats, kittens and large dogs in her foster home will make integrating her into a home with other indoor pets quite easy.

Elsa is a delight and would bond very closely to a person/people looking for an indoor cat for company.

Of course Elsa is vetworked, (desexed, m/c, vaccinated, wormed, flead) and is in the pink healthwise. She is litter trained, uses scratching poles (not furniture) and has good manners.

M/Chip# 956000005656665

If you would like to meet Elsa, you can find our adoption application here: