Elsa ~ Female DSH 13 wks ~ $200

A litter of 5 tiny one week old kittens joined the GAR family 13 weeks ago. They were bottle fed around the clock and bundled into warm baskets on a heatpad for quite awhile. They encountered gastro problems at a stage when they transitioned to solid food which was an unpleasant time for them as  they were needing to be bathed daily and medicated. The washing machine was running hot trying to keep up with their bedding! However all kittens triumphed and began to gain weight and grow at a normal rate.

They are all full of energy and curiosity, and well socialised with other cats, kittens dogs and people. Growing up in a home listening to all normal household noises – not much phases them.

They are all well and truly used to being handled and love sitting on laps, curling up on the bed at night and sleeping on the chairs under the kitchen table! They all like to be where their family is in the home. They are all indoor cats and have no need to be outside. Their hunting needs are met with toys and exercise is taken care of playing chasey throughout the house!  

All kittens use scratching poles (not furniture) and are completely litter trained. They are all gentle souls who never use their claws when playing. They love being with family. They are all a delight to have in the home.

Whilst they do have many similarities they do have many differences…

Meet Elsa

Elsa is the athletic kitten in the litter. She is long legged and very quick and agile. She is very affectionate and loves to curl up on the bed with mum and sleeps in close proximity. She will reward you with long periods of contented purring. Elsa likes to know where you are and will chirp and talk walking around looking if she has lost sight of everyone. She has a close friendship with her brother Bilbo (Billy) and they are often playing together. She is not a kitten who would like to be the “only” cat in the household. Though she loves people she also loves the company of her siblings and would appreciate a mate. Elsa and Billy are very compatible and ideal together.

Elsa is fully vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, wormed and flead and a very healthy, fit, and happy kitten

M/Chip# 956000005656665

If you would like to meet Elsa, you can find our adoption application here: