Escapay: 4mth old DSH – $200

This is the escape artist, Escapay, a 4 month old DSH tortoiseshell kitten!
Escapay came into care as an orphan at only 3 weeks old. She was infested with fleas and worms and needed to have supplement kitten milk for a few weeks as she was taken away from her mother too young. She is now healthy and ready to find a home where she can live a long and happy life! She will repay her new owner with lots of love and cuddles.

She is a beautiful kitten, both in looks and personality. She loves a scratch under the chin and is happy to spend hours playing with toys or just sitting still getting cuddles. Her tail is so long, it’s longer than her body!
Escapay seems to love the company of people and animals. She’ll happily sleep in the bed with (or on) someone! As soon as she gets a bit of attention she turns into a purr machine.

She absolutely loves other friendly cats and will spend hours playing with and grooming them. Escapay has also grown up with dogs so would be happy to share a house with a gentle canine. She hasn’t been introduced to birds or pocket pets but she will most likely learn to coexist with them as she’s still young! She would be fine with children as long as they are gentle.

Escapay is microchipped, desexed and up to date on vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip# 982000363423695