Frank ~ 2 Yr Old American Staffy X ~ $400

Hi my name is Frankie and I am a 2 year old American Staffy X. This means I have a boofhead, lots of muscles and am very strong. But do not let my strength fool you because I am a real softy, a bit of a sook and just want to love and be loved. I am very food orientated so am easy to train and I respond to sit, stay, come, stop, gentle, & no, I will also sit and stay before you allow me to eat my meal or come inside. I really want to be with you as much as possible inside the house or outside, I have slept inside and as long as I can get out, I do not have any accidents but I will also sleep outside under cover, or in my kennel. I am a great alarm clock as I will cry at the door/window at 8am every morning as that is my time to come in and cuddle with my foster carer on the bed.

I am very affectionate and really want to make you happy, I just need to know what you want me to do. I am a teenager so sometimes can be a little “needy/annoying” as I want as many pats, cuddles, scratches as I can get but I also respond to an open hand that says “enough” or a spray bottle (I am really scared of water). I love to play catch, chase the ball, tug-a-war, chew my toys, get belly scratches and go for a walk-but I like to explore so I prefer a longer lead, if I am on a short lead I tend to pull a bit to sniff but if you use a halti I will be gentle & not pull & l ways look back to ensure you are there. I like a lot of chew toys and am a soft chewer but will eventually get through it, I do not touch washing on the line but if something falls off in the wind, or you leave shoes on the ground, then I figure what is on the ground is my toy to chew-but quickly stop if caught and told off.

I have been tested with a kitten and was intrigued by it, shown no interest with cats we meet and I am generally friendly with other dogs we meet, and I have lived with dogs before, but I am best suited to an only dog home as my last brother and I used to fight over our food. I am a bit intense so if another dog shows aggression I do tend to respond so need to be carefully monitored when meeting new animals.

I have no real bad habits as I do not dig, bark or jump but I am able to jump a 1.8m fence so I need to be watched closely for the 1st couple of days to give me time to get over my fear of change and settle into my new home, but as soon as I know it is my new home, and trust you will not desert me, I really want to stay there with you.

If you are looking for a best friend and companion then maybe I am the one for you. I would love to meet you, and am sure you will love me once you meet me.

Frank is wormed, flead, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.

M/Chip#  982000402868046