Georgie ~ 4 yr old female ~  Springer Spaniel ~ $400

Introducing Georgie, a 4 year old female Springer Spaniel:

She loves her daily walk and walks well with my dog trotting along beside her, sits at all curb-sides until she is told to come, loves to eat grass (& I mean lots). She loves to chase her ball & have you keep throwing it for her but she is reluctant to give it up for the next throw without a fair bit of encouragement. She has some favourite chew toys that she enjoys inside but doesn’t seem to bother with any that are outside. She loves to have a bit of rough & tumble with people and has had nil issues with any other dogs.

She has been to my local dog training along with my dog and sailed through all that was asked of her with flying colours, again displaying no issues/concerns with other dogs.

I have heard her bark rarely & only when she has noticed someone walking past the front window & she has been prompted by my dog that it’s the “thing to do “.

Georgie spends her days outside but when I’m home she is inside and happy to either lay on her bed or near me while I am in the kitchen, is also very happy to be on my lap or as close as she can get when I’m sitting on the couch. When settling in for the night I move her bed to the floor beside my bed and she sleeps there until I wake up.

When I let the dogs out into the back yard for a drink, run etc, she sits very obediently at the back door and waits until she is asked in, even though my dog will have already walked in passed her, she still waits to be told.

“Perfect” is the word for this beautiful girl called Georgie.

Georgie is desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip# 982000356557636

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