Gracie ~ 3 yr old DLH ~ $200

My name is Gracie and I’m a beautiful medium haired girl with the most incredible and unusual markings on my soft and shiny fur, and big round piercing green eyes that mesmerise you. I’m 3 years old, but from the size of me, you would be forgiven for thinking I’m much younger! I’m a tiny girl, and as light as a feather. I found myself in the pound after my humans surrendered me because they had a new baby human, and I loved her so much that I even liked to sleep in her cot with her and my humans didn’t like that, I don’t know why, I didn’t scratch or bite or smother her, I just wanted to be near her and protect her. I was sad in the pound, until one day a lovely foster human and her little human came to rescue me. I am much happier in my foster home than in the pound, but I really can’t wait to find my forever home where I can settle down for good and be loved by you and give you all my love. My foster mum has a few things to share with you that might help you decide if I’m the kitty for you, take it away mum…. Gracie is a quiet little cat, very friendly and affectionate and has a very calm nature. We named her Gracie because she is so graceful. Her beautiful long hair doesn’t shed, so you can enjoy patting her as much as you like. She doesn’t eat much, and has trouble with biscuits that are too large as she has such a tiny mouth, so smaller biscuits are better suited. Because of her long fur she needs a fur ball control biscuit. She is very tolerant of my active 3 yr old, and has never tried to scratch her or hiss or bite, if she’s had enough she just walks away. She loves having a cuddle on my lap after my daughter is in bed and will purr contentedly. She’s a little jumpy at loud or sudden noises, but she’s still settling in here so that’s to be expected. She doesn’t scratch the furniture either which is great! She loves to have a scratch of her scratching post though. She’s extremely neat in her litterbox, and buries it well. She sleeps in the laundry overnight with the door shut and we don’t hear a peep from her till we let her out in the morning. She has always been an indoor cat so would need a family who is happy to have her inside full time, which shouldn’t be a problem as you barely even notice she’s there! She’s a very low maintenance cat in every way. She’s really just a delightful little cat that would fit well in to any home.

Gracie is desexed, microchipped, and is up to date with her vaccinations flea and worm treatment.

M/chip #956000008917475