Gypsy ~ 7 yr old DLH ~ $200

Hi everyone, it’s Gypsy here. It’s actually a pretty funny story how I came to get my name. I found myself living on the streets and was picked up by the ranger and taken to the pound. Thank goodness I was, because I was very sick.  Then began my long journey to Geelong to meet my foster mum. The ranger told her I was a boy so she named me Gilbert. I tried to tell her I was a girl, just as well the nice lady at the vet set her straight.

The lovely GAR supporters were nice enough to give me a new and more suitable name after my foster mum put the call out for some help, and so I became Gypsy. I love my new name, thanks so much!

As I mentioned, I was quite sick. I hadn’t been looked after and I was suffering from malnutrition, the cat flu that developed into a sinus infection, and a nasty bacterial bladder infection. I have been with my foster mum for nearly 4 months already now, and I’m finally better and ready to find my forever home.

I’d better tell you a bit more about myself so you can see if you think I’d be a good match for your home. I’m an older lady, about 7 years old. I’m very quiet, I don’t ever meow, and I like to sleep nearly all day, preferably in a sunny spot. I sleep in the laundry at night, and I don’t complain at all.

I’m friendly and like pats, but I’m not a lap cat, not yet anyway. In a nice quiet home without little humans I might learn to be. I tolerate my little human sibling, but I would much rather my forever home had older children (5 years and over at least) that will give me my space, or no children at all would be great too. I’m very good with other cats and could happily co-exist in an existing cat family. I’ve been tested with a dog and although I didn’t scratch or bite or run away, I didn’t really feel that comfortable, so I would prefer a home with either no dogs, outside dogs, or an older quiet inside dog that isn’t interested in playing with me or chasing me.

I’m not timid, nothing scares me, like loud noises or movements, and I don’t scratch the furniture. I’m actually very low maintenance and would suit a home where you are out a lot and don’t want an attention or time demanding cat.
Did I mention I am also incredibly beautiful with my long grey and white fur and huge orange piercing eyes?
Could you please consider giving me a second chance at living happily ever after?  I really do deserve it after all I’ve been through, and I’ll love you forever if you do.
Lots of Love from Gypsy.

Gypsy is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip # 900164001217550