Hank ~ 1 yr old male Great Dane X ~ $400

Hank ~ 1 yr old male Great Dane X ~ $400
My name is Hank and I’m looking for a lifelong buddy.
I’m a 12 month old enormous ball of energy. I’m a Great Dane X, and my foster carer thinks I’m part kelpie.
I am super energetic, enthusiastic about everything, and am a keen learner.
I’m living with another energetic dog at the moment, and he is exhausted at the end of each day, while I still have energy to burn.
I also live with a toddler, a few cats and some chickens. My career does not trust me with the chickens, and I play a little enthusiastically with the cats.
I adore my tiny human carer though.
Because of my size and energy, I am looking for a firm handler who will keep up my training, I need a decent backyard and ideally another doggy friend to play with.
I will become destructive if I am bored.
I am a very friendly boy, and I love all humans and all dogs. I am keen to please and learn new skills quickly. I know how to sit, drop, walk backwards, wait for my food, and at the park I come back when I am called.
In my short life I have already found myself in “rescue” twice, not because I am a bad dog, but simply because I have not been well matched with a home to suit me. I don’t want this to happen to me so I want to find a home that doesn’t just think I’m cute and have awesome looking ears, but has the time and patience to spend giving me what I need: training, space to play, plenty of toys and a playmate to hang out with. In return, I will be your friend for life. I really am worth it.
I am desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
I have a slight wheat intolerance (it makes my skin itchy) so my diet consists of a low wheat premium dry food.
M/chip # 956000009365793