Harlem: 9 – 12mth DLH – $200

Hello I’m Harlem.
I’m still a young little lady estimated at 9-12months of age. My beautiful, multicolored and long coat makes me very pretty.
I am also an extreamly well behaved and affectionate cat.
I am a lover not a fighter so to speak. I’d much rather curl up and nap in the sun or sit by you whilst you go about your business than run around playing.
I have a very distinct chirp rather than a meow and I thouroughly enjoy a good conversation with you.
I get along very well with other cats but I don’t really like dogs very much. I’d be happy as an only cat or a fur sibling.
Give me a home to call my own and you will find a loving, life-long companion in me.

GAR no. 631

Micro-chip . 956000004433999