Estimated at 8 years old Pomeranian ~ $400.

Helena is a little lady with a big personality. She is easy going, funny, affectionate and very friendly. She gets along with everyone including big dogs that she lives with whilst in foster care. Helena loves being part of the family and observing the busy life around her. She gets quite attached to the people who treat her with affection; showing all signs of life long loyalty. She loves her cuddles and kisses!
Helena is very intelligent with a great capacity to learn words, commands and tricks. Although she is house trained she might have accidents if left alone inside for long hours. Helena enjoys being outside and exploring the big world but should not be left outside on her own due to her small size.
Helena came into foster care with some health issues including thickened eye lids, loss of fur, bad skin condition and swollen mammary (breast) glands. After spending some time with her foster family her health improved one hundred percent! She doesn’t need any eye drops anymore, her coat is thick and shiny and her skin seems quite healthy.
Helena went through mammary gland surgery during which six tumours were removed. Her chest was X-rayed and the removed tumours were examined by the Vet. At the moment she has the all clear, showing no signs of ill health. She has a big appetite, putting on weight, quite energetic and enjoying life with all the attention and love that she gets. Her lungs and heart are in excellent health.
Helena will be best suited to a house with people who can spend time with her and are ready to make her part of their life.
Helena is de-sexed, micro-chipped and is up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

Microchip Number: 956000003786017