Hugo ~ 16wk old DSH Male ~ $200

Hugo is the ultimate kitten.  Approx 16 weeks of age we have nick named him ” happy feet” because all he wants to do is play. fact he is so excited to be with people he does a little happy feet dance when you pick him up to cuddle him.
When he first came into our care he showed no signs of the frightened kitten in the picture from mildura awaiting the big needle. In fact he bounded out of the cage purring and we knew we had struck gold with this little boy.
Favourite past times include…smooching…belly rubs…chasing ping pong balls, ribbons, and of course purring like a V8 engine.
He is friendly and curious with both cats and dogs .  All he really wants is to be with some body all the time. He is super smart and easily trained.

Add to that his stunning coat and eyes and you really do have the most relaxed and happy kitten you will ever meet.  Hugo is so much fun to be around we just know the first to meet him will want to take him straight home!

Hugo is de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

M/Chip: 900060002600941