Jazz ~ 15 mth old Staffy x Kelpie ~ $400

Jazz is a gorgeous, sweet-natured puppy. She loves to be around humans, she loves to be patted and get attention, and she loves having her ears rubbed. She is not worried about other dogs at all, and is getting along well with her foster brother and sister. She seems to have no problems with cats, either. She can be a bit timid, she doesn’t like loud noises very much, and sometimes needs a bit of convincing to go out for a walk. Once she is out though she loves to run around on the grass and chase smells. Jazz is house trained and we have had no accidents at all, she has done all her business outside. She is very quiet and we have only heard her bark just a couple of times. She can be very energetic in the mornings, typical puppy, and loves to play with and chew on her toys.

Jazz is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and work treatments.

M/Chip #941000017979247