Jeeb ~ 13 wk old female DSH ~ $200

Hello prospective family. I am a 13 week old, female, domestic short haired bi-colour cat. I have a beautiful soft black coat with white socks, white belly and chest, white muzzle and blaze, and the teeniest white tip on my tail. If you look carefully I also have small black “freckles” on my paws.
Since my 3 sisters and I moved in with our foster family at 8 weeks old I have been the biggest. Initially I viewed it as my job to protect my littler sisters but these days my motto is play hard, and then play harder. I like children, the youngest I’ve met was 6 and they were nice and gentle when they played with me. When I’m not playing and I’ve finished eating I generally want to come and purr at you, knead you, and kiss you as a thank you for the meal. I was actually the first of my sisters to purr at my foster people but I quickly taught my sisters. I’m super snuggly when I’m tired and my belly is full.
I’ve never met other cats or dogs besides my sisters so if you have a household bereft of cats or dogs that needs a kitten (or more) to be complete, I (and maybe one of my sisters) would love to become your companion for life. My life that is, and I’m hoping to make it to 20.
I’ve always been an indoor cat and I am litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with my flea and worm treatments.
Microchip number – 900164001768501
If you would like to meet Jeeb, you can find our adoption application here: